Setting Sail

I am at heart a tinkerer. I play with ideas and electronics. I experiment with notions and cross pollinate them with experience. I have traveled far enough and wide enough in my field of engineering and software development that it is time I record my personal explorations. Not they they should alter the course of mankind but that some other seafaring software soul might adjust their course in kind to what I have found.

In my travels I have always enjoyed the purely practical and applied. I have struggled with the theoretical and unnecessarily abstract. I need ideas but must necessarily knead them, lest I see them as half baked theory.

So I will start with things that I have not read before or feel are heading towards becoming a nascent norm:

  • How I became an Accidental Coach but before I became an Agile Coach
  • How I found a home for hobby born of a career long lost
  • What I am tinkering with and where I think the hidden treasure is

About guywinterbotham

An Agile Buccaneer navigating the corporate storm
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